2023 Super Bowl LVII In-Game Brand Exposure

Feb 06, 2024 Sport Sponsorship NFL

Super Bowl LVII Sponsorship Insights

As we gear up for Super Bowl LVIII in Vegas this week, we thought it’d be interesting to dig in on last year’s performance for the sponsoring brands. We all know this is THE broadcast event of the year, capturing the eyes of millions, which means brand visibility can translate into substantial value well into the millions. At the epicenter of televised advertising, Apple Music and Gatorade emerged as the ultimate victors in the battleground of broadcast value during Super Bowl LVII

Their strategic placements within the game's framework paid off immensely, with Apple Music reaping the rewards through innovative Halftime Broadcast Graphics, resulting in an impressive 60% average MVP (viewability) score.


Super Bowl Half-Time Comparisons

Gatorade's brilliant Sideline Setup, featuring the iconic coolers at the center of the bench, dominated the brand exposure by accounting for 41% of their total visibility throughout the game. This wasn't just a lucky break; it was the fruit of thoughtful marketing strategies that understand the power of prominent, repetitive branding during high-profile sports events.

Top Brands Sponsoring Super Bowl LVII

Aside from these giants, 13 additional sponsors also enjoyed the limelight, collectively earning a staggering $14.5M in SMV (Social Media Value), making up 19% of the overall branding value pie of this grand sporting spectacle. These included prominent names like AWS, DraftKings, Pepsi, and Google, among others.

Sponsors Super Bowl LVII

Yet, amidst this branding fiesta, a noticeable change was the absence of the typically prominent coaches' headsets. Previous seasons saw Bose generating a massive $38.9M in SMV from these small but frequently captured items. This year, the absence of Bose left a gap in the branding strategy, underscoring the impact even the most subtle product placements can have when viewed through the lens of televised sports' greatest stages.

Sponsor Media Value - Super Bowl LVII

As brands evolve their advertising approaches, the message is clear: visibility in the right moment can yield extraordinary value, and Super Bowl LVII was a masterclass in strategic brand placement.


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