Best of Super Bowl LVIII: Top 10 Ads That Stole the Show & Generated Brand Value

Feb 13, 2024 Sport Sponsorship NFL

Top 10 Super Bowl LVIII Ads

Super Bowl LVIII, the grand spectacle of American sports, not only brings together the best football teams but also showcases the pinnacle of advertising creativity. As millions of viewers tune in for the game, they eagerly anticipate the commercials that have become an integral part of the Super Bowl experience. This year was no exception, with brands vying for attention with memorable, entertaining, and sometimes thought-provoking ads. 

KC Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII - Relo Metrics

Before we dig into the top 2024 Super Bowl Ads of the year, it’s worth mentioning just how much the NFL dominates in broadcast and social. The NFL is the most-watched sport league in the US, standing head and shoulders above the other leagues. To further understand the impact of the NFL in the sponsorship landscape, Relo Metrics analyzed the US television feeds of all the 2023 NFL Regular Season Games, as well as all social media value.

Key takeaway: 91% of the overall value for brands is generated on broadcast.

NFL Regular Season Performance by Channel



OK, now let's take a look at the top 10 Super Bowl ads that captured our hearts and minds during the broadcast coverage of Super Bowl LVIII.

1. Verizon: “Beyonce Broke the Internet

At Brand Innovators Sports Marketing Upfronts @ Super Bowl LVIII, we heard from Christine Wylie, Senior Director, Sponsorships & Partnerships, Sports at Verizon on the upgrades Verizon pulled in to expand their network coverage in Las Vegas. Not even Beyonce could break this network. 

Photo: Christine Wylie, Senior Director, Sponsorships & Partnerships, Sports at Verizon (Left) and Jay Prasad, CEO at Relo Metrics (Right)

2. M&M’s “Almost Champions










3. Stok Coffee: “Secret Replacement of Tea for Wrex








A bold, and ironic, move for the coffee brand to show their product being tossed away by the UK Football Players of Wrexham. But during tea time, the playful storyline works and is on-brand with the energy and personality Ryan Reynolds brings to the club.

4. Hellman’s “Mayo Cat









5. PlutoTV “Couch Potato


6. Kawasaki “Mullets


7. United “Big Game: Believing Changes Everything

United Airlines not only rolled out the Big Game: Believing Changes Everything campaign to all general audiences, but they also personalized the ad with a slight change to major cities. A major nod to personalization that almost all of us marketers and advertisers appreciate. The campaign is asking fans to believe in their home team, so whether you’re a Broncos (see Denver-based ad), or Texans (see Houston-based ad), or Browns (see Cleveland-based ad) or Bears (see Chicago-based ad) or another win for the Chiefs (see Kansas City-based ad), well that changes everything. 


8. BetMGM “Tom Won Enough


9. Dunkin’s “The DunKings


10. Popeye’s “Wait is Over


It also goes without mentioning that the Super Bowl broadcast coverage included a noticeable amount of product placement, especially with Bud Light, driving an impressive $483K in Sponsor Media Value for the brand, with celebrities like Post Malone shown with product in hand. 

Photo: Source

These ads were just a glimpse of the creativity and innovation on display during Super Bowl LVIII. From heartfelt messages to hilarious hijinks, the commercials captivated audiences and sparked conversations long after the final whistle blew. As we reflect on the highlights of this year's game, one thing is clear: when it comes to advertising, the Super Bowl remains the ultimate stage for brands to shine.

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