Broadcast Viewership & Impression Data from Relo Metrics

Apr 05, 2024 Relo Products

Broadcast Viewership and Impression Data by Relo Metrics

In 2023 we announced that we would partner with VideoAmp to power Relo’s ability to give sports rights holders, media companies, brands, and agencies a highly accurate, real-time resource for measuring the value of on-camera sponsorships through broadcast viewership.

We have now made not only viewership data, but broadcast impression data available in Relo's Media Value Center allowing you to see and report on additional reach that broadcasts are bringing for your partnerships.

Relo Metrics Broadcast and Viewership Data

Let's take a step back and first talk through why we are working with VideoAmp to provide you with this data.

Legacy providers just weren’t providing the most accurate values based on their measurement approach and the sports industry required new and innovative ways to measure viewership which is what VideoAmp is known for. We believe they have the most accurate data on the market because they are getting data from 1 in 3 households, which is a reach of almost 40 million. And their large sample size also means that they are accurately represent the core buying demographic (18-49) which we know is what brands care about.

Now this data is fully available in the Media Value Center for you to take advantage of.  We know broadcast generates more value for partnerships than any other channel so we wanted to make sure you have all the data you need to show the reach of your broadcast exposures. That is why we are giving you two new broadcast metrics fueled by data we get from VideoAmp.

First is broadcast viewership data. You are going to be able to see viewership for most US national networks and RSN broken out by each game and each network the game was aired on.

The next is broadcast impression data. We are combining broadcast viewership data with our broadcast analysis data to calculate broadcast impressions. The formula for this takes into account the number of exposures for any sponsor and placement, and the amount of people watching during that exposure. Like any of our other metrics, broadcast impressions can be shown at a very granular level, so you can focus on specific combinations of teams, sponsors, and placements for specific broadcasts and networks.

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