Captify and Relo Metrics Forge New Partnership

Jun 11, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of search lift measurement and sponsorship analytics, we are thrilled to announce a revolutionary partnership between Captify and Relo Metrics. 

At Relo, we are always looking for ways to push boundaries and provide our clients with the data that they need to quantify and optimize the success of their sponsorships. Our mission is to not only provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate valuation data on the market, but to also go beyond valuation and give you ways to measure the full impact of your sponsorships. With that, we are excited to provide another way for our partners to be able to measure consumer impact through a new partnership with Captify.

Captify is the largest holder of onsite search data. They empower companies to access, understand and activate consumer intent, on any channel. And can help organizations to figure out who to target, what they want, and where to find them, all based on search signals. 

When working with Relo, you will now be able to access their Search Lift studies which will empower our clients to demonstrate the impact sponsorship has on the way a brand is perceived through search across the open web.

Captify will use its massive search data to deliver unique to the sports market Search Lift Studies. In each study Captify will help show the effectiveness of marketing efforts by looking at what different people in that region are searching for, how often and how that changes as a season progresses.These studies will help sponsoring brands and teams to quantify the impact of their sponsorship based on the outcome of increased search behavior. 

Learn more about the partnership here.


Jay Quote - Captify


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