Getting Ready for a Historic 2024 WNBA Season

May 14, 2024 Best Practices & Insights Relo Products

The 2024 WNBA season is slated to be the most watched of all time. It is clear that the rise in women’s sports is still going strong and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Brands and rights holders alike need to be making sure they take advantage of all the value that will come from WNBA sponsorships this season.WNBA

After a record setting NCAA Women’s tournament, that momentum is shifting to the WNBA. Teams have already been experiencing a massive growth on social media, which is destined to continue and expand thanks to the many stars that are about to enter the league. 

  • The WNBA draft alone had a 248% increase in viewership on ESPN
  • WNBA teams on TikTok have seen a 210% increase in followers since January 2023

Download our 2024 Rise in Women’s Basketball Report for more data nuggets. 

The surge in popularity of women's basketball is a golden opportunity for teams and brands to connect with a passionate, expanding fan base. At Relo Metrics, we provide the critical data that brands need to navigate this dynamic landscape, crafting partnerships that are as powerful and vibrant as the sport itself. Our analytics empower brands to be pioneers in supporting and elevating women's basketball. 

That is why we are excited to announce that 2024 WNBA data is going to be available in Relo Census. Relo Census is our product that allows you to see data on all assets & brands for all teams in a variety of professional sports leagues.  It opens up new opportunities for benchmarking, optimizing & more. Adding in WNBA data allows deeper analysis and insight into what is trending in a league on the rise that we should all be looking to for best practices in the sponsorship space. 

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