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Introducing Relo Census ⚡ The Most Comprehensive Sports Sponsorship Data

Innovation, Relo Products   |   Nov 07, 2023   |  by Sam Panitch

We are super excited to update you on the latest product we have been working on: Relo Census. Relo Census is the first sports sponsorship valuation data set and methodology offering broadcast and social media sponsor valuation for all assets and brands, for all games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS (with more leagues coming soon!). 

Relo Census - Sports Sponsorship DataRelo Census removes traditional barriers that have impacted sports sponsorship decision-making, allowing agencies, brands, rights holders, and media companies to benchmark performance, identify trends in the market, and gather real-time competitive intelligence about their sports sponsorship portfolios. This new data removes data from their silos to deliver overarching visibility to all stakeholders in the sports ecosystem.


You’ll be able to access this data through an easy-to-use platform or you can take advantage of an API to be able to combine Census data with your own in-house data to connect this data with your own in-house data to be able to see how sponsorship impacted sales, deal flow, ticketing and more.  


How are clients using this data?

Clients are already in Relo Census taking advantage of our data ... we tracked down some of the most common ways they are using these insights:

For Rights Holders:
  • They are filtering to compare their performance by their region or by their league to understand where they excel and what opportunities exist to optimize at both levels.
  • Partnership sales teams are also using this data to assist with prospecting:
    • Creating hyper-focused target lists of new potential partners
    • Leveraging more granular data to improve the metrics used in their rate cards and pitches
For Brands:
  • Brands are becoming more informed on how well their sponsorships are performing - being able to see individual performance is great, but they love being able to see how that compares across the industry so they can make sure they are getting optimal value.
  • They are also using the data to understand how their sponsorships are performing relative to the competition so they can know if they want to shift their sponsorship dollars at all to impede on market share.
For Agencies:
  • Agencies are seeing how this tool will help them with their prospecting and to be able to show prospective clients how they can use data to help them know where to invest their sponsorship dollars from the start.
  • They’re also using this data as benchmarks for clients to know how their sponsorships are performing compared to other similar assets in the league, on the team, and to their competitors.


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