Maximizing Brand Exposure in the NHL: Insights from Jersey Patches to Social Media

Feb 20, 2024 Sport Sponsorship

NHL Insights

In the dynamic world of sports marketing, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to maximize exposure and enhance visibility. The NHL, as one of the four major sports leagues, presents a unique landscape for businesses to explore marketing opportunities. Keep reading to learn key insights from the NHL season, including the impact of jersey patches, social media value, and the effectiveness of different branding strategies.

The Character Count Dilemma:

A crucial aspect of NHL branding is the use of jersey patches, but as the character count increases, a fascinating trend emerges—the quality of exposure per game decreases. This challenges brands to find a delicate balance between conveying a message and ensuring it doesn't get lost in the fast-paced action of a hockey game.

NHL Jersey Patches vs. Other Major Sports Leagues

Surprisingly, the NHL jersey patch generates the fewest exposures per game among the four major sports leagues. This finding emphasizes the need for brands to strategize and leverage additional channels to complement their in-game exposure.

Emblem vs. Brand Name

Creatives featuring just a brand name without an emblem have proven to be more effective, averaging 25 percent more exposures per game. This insight prompts brands to reconsider their design approach, prioritizing simplicity and clarity in conveying their message.

Social Value and Image Selection

Understanding the social media landscape is essential for any brand; in the NHL, most of the social value for on-player assets is generated through owned images. This highlights the importance of careful image selection to ensure maximum engagement and performance.

Multi-Sponsored DED Integrations:

To mitigate the potential loss of exposure, brands are exploring multi-sponsored digital and electronic display (DED) integrations. This strategy has shown promising results, averaging higher social media value (SMV) per cycle and providing a more sustainable approach to brand visibility.

Full Takeovers vs. Partial Takeovers

While full takeovers offer more brand value per exposure compared to partial takeovers, the consistency of exposures is a critical factor. Brands must weigh the pros and cons of each approach to determine the most effective strategy.

Bringing It All Together

As businesses navigate the dynamic landscape of NHL marketing, these insights offer valuable guidance for optimizing brand exposure. From jersey patch design considerations to social media strategies and sponsorship integrations, brands can leverage these findings to make informed decisions and elevate their presence in the thrilling world of professional hockey.

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