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Overtime Elite Partners With Relo Metrics

News & Updates   |   Oct 22, 2021   |  by Antoine Laurient


We are thrilled to announce that Overtime Elite is partnering with Relo Metrics! 

Overtime Elite, a transformative new sports league from Overtime -- which receives 1.7 billion views a month -- will be using Relos’ sponsorship analytics platform to measure and optimize their sponsorship assets to maximize brand exposure via camera visible branding opportunities, in-game features, and social media campaigns for their exclusive marketing partners. Through the partnership, Overtime Elite aspires to maximize revenue through new and retained partners by exceeding partner expectations and ensuring goals and KPIs are met. 

Overtime Elite “offers the world’s most talented young basketball players a better pathway to becoming professional athletes.” Following this ethos, Overtime Elite seeks to “engage and inspire a new generation of fans.”

When we connected with Rich Calacci, Chief Revenue Officer at Overtime, he told us that his company has “the opportunity to create a new visual presentation of one of America’s most popular sports.” Discussing the partnership with Relo, he added, “We needed a partner who was invested in making our vision a reality.”

Calacci talked more about the benefits of this new partnership, saying: “Relo is a recognized leader in both data and valuation and is especially skilled when it comes to social media. Their in-depth knowledge of Overtime’s business model made this choice an easy one.” He continued, “The speed and accuracy of the data—as well as the general acceptance of their methodology in the marketplace—were the deciding factors. For us, it was an easy decision.”

Having a wide array of in-game features, innovative tent pole activations, and digital branding makes it critical “to capture data and present a valuation in a compelling format for our partners.”

Calacci went on to explain that: “Overtime Elite is one of the most exciting changes in the sport of basketball since NBA players and the “Dream Team” became part of the Olympic movement in 1992. Both data and innovation sit firmly at the core of everything we do, from our players to the classroom, and carrying through to all of our sponsorship opportunities.” 

Calacci expanded, stating: “This exciting new league was purpose-built for social media and will create an immense amount of value for official marketing partners.” He added, “Working with Relo will help Overtime tell this story to the market in a compelling and insightful manner.”

With the help of Relo’s sponsorship analytics platform, Overtime Elite will be able to report back to all their partners and build trustworthy and long-term relationships, allowing key marketing partners to renew and remain part of their organization. 

We are beyond excited for this partnership and to be able to help Overtime Elite measure, track, and optimize their sponsorship portfolio all within our analytics platform.


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