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Relo Metrics Powers AZ Alkmaar’s Data-Driven Strategy [Case Study]

Best Practices & Insights   |   Oct 03, 2023   |  by Hannah Shain

For football clubs, partnerships can be a key source of revenue. But as partnership agreements become more substantial and complex, measuring and proving the value of these deals to partners becomes a top priority. This is where Relo comes in. In this blog post, we will take a look at how Relo helped AZ Alkmaar, a Dutch football club, optimize their partnerships and unlock critical insights for making impactful business decisions.

AZ Alkmaar partners with Relo Metrics - stadium view

AZ Alkmaar had been struggling with bringing more data, analytics, and performance measurement to their corporate partnerships team as their sponsorship agreements had become more substantial. This is where Relo stepped in. Over the past eight months, Relo has successfully ingested, analyzed, and evaluated AZ Alkmaar’s sponsorship data for the Eredivisie season, providing key performance metrics back to their partners in near real-time.


One of the most significant achievements in the first year of the partnership was the 125% return on investment (ROI) rate that Relo was able to help AZ Alkmaar prove so far this season. This data allows AZ Alkmaar to report back to partners in a streamlined manner. With this information, the club could be confident in the value it brings to its partners and continue to build mutually beneficial relationships.

AZ Alkmaar Partners with Relo Metrics


Another area where Relo has helped AZ Alkmaar is in partner optimization. Using Relo’s competitive insights, AZ Alkmaar can identify over or underperforming partners. For example, Relo helped them identify a sponsor delivering 60% less exposure on a prominent placement. The club collaborated with the partner to update its creative, leading to a 25% increase on a per-game basis. This optimization not only benefits the partner but also the club by maximizing the partnership’s value.

The partnership between Relo and AZ Alkmaar has also enabled the club to execute its data-driven strategic vision. By having access to critical insights, AZ Alkmaar is enabled to make more impactful business decisions across the entire club. It is essential to note that the insights provided by Relo are not only benefiting their corporate partnerships team but also the club as a whole, from operations to fan engagement.

In summary, partnership optimization is essential for football clubs looking to build successful relationships with sponsors. Relo’s partnership with AZ Alkmaar has enabled the club to ingest, analyze, and evaluate the sponsorship data, providing key performance metrics to their partners in near real-time. This has helped AZ Alkmaar prove its value to its partners, optimize their partnerships, and execute their data-driven strategic vision. Football clubs looking to achieve success in their partnerships and drive value for both the partner and the club can undoubtedly benefit from utilizing partnering with Relo.

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