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Relo Metrics Talent Spotlight - Noe Flores

News & Updates   |   Oct 07, 2022   |  by Relo Metrics Team

FB_IMG_1664329533642 (1) - Noe Flores


Meet our full-stack software engineer, foodie and new dad - Noe Flores!

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico.

It is a small town in the north of Mexico, there is not a lot to do here, but I can tell you that food here is amazing!

I would probably never leave this place due to how much I love eating montados, burritos, barbacoa, and gorditas! I've been living here most of my life and my family lives here as well. 


bisteck - Noe Flores

Outside of work, what are you irrationally passionate about?
I'm irrationally passionate about music, I've built a home-studio where I like to play with my brother (I usually play the drums and he the piano).
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What’s been the most exciting part about joining Relo Metrics?
I really love all the projects we have at Relo, I like not only what we do as a business, but I also really like the tech stack and the culture within the company, I think the whole engineering team is amazing, I really like to learn from everyone everyday. I've been working here for almost 4 years!
Describe your superpower or describe what unique skill/perspective you bring to the team here.
Being one of the few (now that I think about, I'm it the only one lol) full-stack engineers here has its perks, I really like to be able to have an opinion on system designing regardless of the nature of the feature we are developing, whether is a front-end thing, back-end or both. Being on both sides of the engineering develop is a thing that I really enjoy when working something new.
What skill, practice, behavior, hobby or habits are you currently working on?
My son was born 2 months ago, and it has been a great journey already. I'm working on being a better person for him and try to know everything he needs. During the last months I became a diaper-changing pro, a baby-showering pro, and a fall-asleep-in-1-minute pro
FB_IMG_1665104841498 - Noe Flores
What book, publication, or podcast have you most recommended lately and why?
Extreme Ownership (Jocko Willink) - I have really liked this book since I read it some years ago, I just read it again this month because it is amazing

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