Relo's Methodology: What You Need to Know

Aug 01, 2023 Best Practices & Innovation

Relo's Methodology: What You Need to Know

Blog 22- Relos Methodology- What You Need to Know

Sponsorships are one of the most significant investments a brand can make in its marketing efforts. However, evaluating the value of a sponsorship accurately can be a challenging task. Many companies use industry-standard metrics like impressions, reach, and engagement rate to measure sponsorship success, but aren’t measuring true value. Not taking into account a sponsorship's true value can result in wasted resources, lost opportunities, and, in the worst-case scenario, lost dollars.

Thankfully, there is a better way to measure the impact of sponsorships. Relo is an innovative company that uses cutting-edge technology and analytical techniques to provide an accurate assessment of a sponsorship's value. Relo's methodology is the most trusted in the industry. Now let's get into why.

Relo's Technology-Driven Approach

One of the most significant advantages of Relo's methodology is its technology-driven approach. Relo leverages its cutting-edge technology and analytical frameworks to collect comprehensive data sets on logo placements. This ensures they are capturing the full ecosystem of where brands appear from broadcast to social to streaming. Without access to all this data to start, you don’t see the full value your sponsorships bring. 

Relo's Holistic Perspective

Relo's methodology assesses sponsorship from a holistic perspective, considering a variety of factors when assigning values. They use a more comprehensive set of criteria that includes factors like reach, prominence and brand relevance. The holistic approach provides more accurate and meaningful insights into a sponsorship's value, and this, in turn, helps brands make better decisions about future investments.

Relo's Proprietary Scoring System

Another strength of Relo's methodology is its proprietary scoring system. The algorithm integrates various data inputs to create a Sponsor Media Value that represents the value of a sponsorship. The results generated by the algorithm have been consistently reliable and trusted by industry leaders. Brands can use the scores to benchmark and compare different sponsorships, providing valuable insights into partnership performance and optimizing future sponsorship decisions.

Finally, Relo's methodology is the most trusted in the industry because of the company's reputation. Relo has an excellent track record of evaluating and measuring sponsorships accurately for major brands, agencies and rights holders. Brands can trust Relo's methodology to provide accurate evaluations that help them improve their returns and optimize sponsorship investments.


Sponsorship evaluation is an essential tool for brands that want to maximize their marketing returns. But you need to make sure you are using the right tools and a trusted methodology. Relo's methodology is the most trusted in the industry because of its data-driven approach, holistic perspective, proprietary algorithms, and exceptional reputation. Brands can rely on Relo's methodology to provide accurate evaluations, benchmarking to optimize future investments, and make data-driven decisions to improve sponsorship returns.

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