Tapping into the Power of Female Athletes How Brands Can Leverage the Rise of Women’s Sports

Jun 17, 2024 Social Insights

The realm of sports is witnessing a seismic shift, and at the heart of this transformation are female athletes making waves on and off the field. One standout star in particular is Mary Earps, England Lionesses and Manchester United goalkeeper. Her influence stretches far beyond the goalposts, providing a fertile ground for brands to build powerful sponsorships. This blog post will explore the impact of Mary Earps and other female athletes, and how sports marketing executives can capitalize on this burgeoning opportunity.

The Rise of Female Athletes

It's no secret that female athletes are gaining unprecedented attention worldwide. Take, for instance, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which saw record-breaking tournament attendance and TV viewership. Although Spain clinched the title with a 1-0 victory over England, much of the post-tournament buzz focused on the rise of women’s sports and the lingering disparities compared to men’s sports. Despite these challenges, there's a palpable surge in the popularity of women's sports from Europe to North America.

Why Focus on Mary Earps?

Mary Earps, affectionately dubbed ‘the queen of TikTok,’ epitomizes the influence that female athletes can wield. The England goalkeeper not only shines on the field but also commands massive engagement on social media platforms. Following the World Cup, a significant controversy erupted around Nike's decision not to sell replica goalkeeper shirts for Mary Earps. The backlash from fans and Earps herself underscored the powerful connection she has with her audience. This incident highlighted the untapped potential brands can leverage by aligning with female athletes.

The Social Media Magnet

Female athletes like Mary Earps often drive higher engagement than their teams, making them valuable assets for brands. Their personal stories and authenticity resonate deeply with fans, making them more relatable and influential. This engagement isn't confined to match days but extends throughout the year, offering continuous opportunities for brands to connect with passionate audiences.



Female Athletes Outshine Their Teams

Athletes like Mary Earps frequently outshine their clubs on social media, leading to increased brand visibility and engagement. This trend is not just beneficial for the sport but also opens additional avenues for brands to connect with a highly engaged fanbase. The individual charisma of these athletes often surpasses that of their teams, creating unique partnership opportunities that can deliver superior returns.

Capitalizing on Marquee Events

Marquee events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup offer prime opportunities for brand engagement and partnerships. These events draw massive global attention, providing a platform for brands to showcase their support for female athletes. However, successful partnership activations don't solely depend on these high-profile events. Brands can achieve sustained engagement by leveraging the consistent popularity of female athletes throughout the year.

Beyond the Big Stage

While marquee events are significant, the impact of female athletes goes well beyond these occasions. Their influence on social media ensures that they remain relevant and engaging regardless of their on-field performance. This constant engagement presents a valuable opportunity for brands to build long-term relationships with their audience, driven by the athletes' authentic connection with their fans.

Monetizing Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are pivotal for athletes to grow their business initiatives and monetize their presence. Female athletes like Mary Earps have successfully utilized social media to create business opportunities, offering brands a direct channel to engage with a dedicated fanbase. This symbiotic relationship not only benefits the athletes but also allows brands to tap into a lucrative market segment.

Building Stronger Partnerships

Athletes' strong social media presence enhances the effectiveness of partnership activations. Brands can collaborate with athletes to create compelling content that resonates with their audience, driving higher engagement and brand loyalty. These collaborations can extend beyond traditional endorsements, encompassing co-branded content, social media campaigns, and exclusive promotions.

Creating Lasting Impact

By aligning with female athletes, brands can create a lasting impact that goes beyond immediate marketing goals. These partnerships contribute to the growth and development of women's sports, fostering a positive brand image and demonstrating a commitment to gender equality. Such initiatives resonate deeply with consumers, particularly those who value social responsibility and inclusivity.

The Role of Data in Crafting Partnerships

At Relo Metrics, we provide critical data that brands need to navigate this dynamic landscape. Our analytics empower brands to be pioneers in supporting and elevating women's sports, setting trends and building lasting legacies. By leveraging data-driven insights, brands can identify the most effective strategies for partnering with female athletes, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Brands can use our analytics to make informed decisions about their sponsorships and partnerships. By analyzing engagement metrics, social media trends, and audience demographics, brands can tailor their strategies to align with the preferences and behaviors of their target audience. This data-driven approach ensures that partnerships are not only impactful but also sustainable.

Optimizing Engagement

Our data helps brands optimize their engagement strategies, ensuring that their messaging resonates with the audience. By understanding the nuances of fan interactions and preferences, brands can create content that captivates and engages. This optimization extends to identifying the best times to post, the most effective content formats, and the key topics that drive engagement.

The Future of Women's Sports

The future of women's sports is bright, with endless opportunities for growth and development. Female athletes will continue to play a crucial role in this evolution, driving engagement and inspiring the next generation. Brands that recognize and invest in this potential will be at the forefront of this exciting movement, reaping the rewards of their forward-thinking approach.

Pioneering Change

Brands that partner with female athletes are not just sponsors; they are pioneers of change. These partnerships contribute to leveling the playing field, promoting gender equality, and empowering female athletes to achieve their full potential. By supporting women's sports, brands can make a tangible difference in society while achieving their marketing objectives.

Building a Legacy

The impact of these partnerships extends beyond immediate marketing goals. Brands have the opportunity to build a legacy that reflects their commitment to social responsibility, inclusivity, and positive change. This legacy resonates with consumers, fostering brand loyalty and driving long-term success.

The rise of female athletes presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with a passionate and engaged audience. By leveraging the influence of athletes like Mary Earps, brands can create powerful partnerships that drive engagement, build brand loyalty, and contribute to the growth of women's sports. At Relo Metrics, we provide the data and insights needed to navigate this dynamic landscape, empowering brands to be pioneers in supporting and elevating women's sports.

Explore the potential of partnering with female athletes and elevate your brand to new heights. Sign up for a free consultation with our experts today and discover how you can make a lasting impact in the world of sports marketing.

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