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Dec 21, 2023 Social Insights

Tracking Social Data with Relo Metrics

Social media has been a powerful tool to reach out to your target audience for a while now, particularly when it comes to sports sponsorships. It’s important to keep track of data like engagements, likes, shares, and value to be able to quantify the success of your partnerships and be able to share that back on a per-post basis. However, it is just as vital to keep track of how ALL of your social posts are performing so you can identify trends and know what’s working when it comes to your social strategy. 

To make it easier for sponsorship partnership managers, Relo Metrics has a  feature that allows you to track all of your social media posts within our Media Value Center so you can have a more holistic understanding of how your social media strategy is doing. In this blog post, we will go in-depth into how Relo Metrics' All Social Posts offering can help sponsorship partnership managers achieve their goals.

Relo Metrics' All Social Posts feature allows you to easily organize and track all social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube & TikTok in one place, even if they don’t have a logo exposure. Instead of manually searching on different platforms to see how a post is performing or having multiple tools to manage social performance, this feature allows you to see all social media posts in one place. 

Social Media Posts - Relo Metrics

You can use filters on this page to easily slice the data in ways that matter most to you - whether you want to see anything posted on Saturdays on TikiTok to see aggregated performance or group any posts by campaigns that you are running but have not yet branded yet to see how well they could perform if you decide to sell it.

Logo detection is Relo’s bread and butter but we know there is more to your social story. With Relo’s All Social Post feature there is no longer a need to toggle between a variety of social media tools - and as an added bonus you can use the metrics you see from organic posts to set a strategy for larger branded content or paid campaigns.

Reach out for a demo to see it in action today.

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