Why Sponsorship Measurement Should be Powered by Computer Vision

Sep 26, 2023 Innovation Relo Products

Sponsorship Measurement Using Computer Vision

Sponsorships have proven to be a great way to raise brand awareness. From sports teams to international events, sponsorships help to connect businesses with audiences that have an interest in their products or services. That means it is important to track how those sponsorships are appearing to make sure they are helping you achieve your business objectives. There are a lot of providers out there - but when choosing someone to work with you to help you measure the success of your partnerships, it’s essential to know if they own their own computer vision technology. In this blog post, we will explore why it is crucial to have a sponsorship provider with their own computer vision technology and how that can help you reach your desired sponsorship outcomes.

NFL Gatorade Sponsorship - Computer Vision

Understanding Computer Vision in Sports Measurement

Computer vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence that involves teaching computers to interpret and understand the visual world. It involves analyzing images and videos to identify patterns and recognize objects and people. By using machine learning algorithms, computers can recognize and classify images and videos with more consistency and accuracy than a human.

Applying Computer Vision Technology to Sponsorship Valuation

Some sponsorship valuation providers use computer vision technology for logo detection. This allows the provider to easily track any time a logo is seen throughout a broadcast or on social media. At Relo Metrics, we have built our own, proprietary computer vision models to detect sponsorship exposures.  Our CV models are specific to each league so we can get really granular with the different placements that we detect.



The Importance of a Provider Owning Their Own Computer Vision Technology

It's essential to have a sponsorship valuation provider who owns their own computer vision technology. Why is this so important?

  • The data you get will be more consistent, accurate, and granular 

  • It allows more agility as it is easier to make changes to the models (if there is a new sponsor or placement type that comes mid-season, for example) so your data isn’t impacted or delayed

  • Since the data is more accurate, you now don’t have to spend time tediously going through all of your data to make sure everything is populating correctly

  • Most providers outsource their logo detection CV work to a third party. What happens if that third party suddenly stops providing them with that service? You’d be left with no data coming in for who knows how long. 


With Relo Metrics you can rest easy knowing that we do everything in-house and that includes having our own CV technology. Relo Metrics is one of the only sponsorship valuation providers on the market to have complete data ownership - from data ingestion to analysis, QA, delivery, and optimization. We have always been a business powered by technology, continuously innovating and evolving. 

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