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GumGum Sports Reintroduces Itself as Relo Metrics - A Letter From Our CEO

News & Updates, Insider   |   May 04, 2021   |  by Brian Kim

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Four years ago, myself and a few others at GumGum noticed a sports sponsorship industry that was stifled from innovation and technological advancement. We saw a market in need of help and pent up with frustration.

In just four years, we’ve built the leading sponsorship analytics platform for forward-thinking rights holders and brands. 

As the sports industry and the entire world had been impacted by COVID-19, we’ve learned that the past cannot be a predictor of the present nor the future. More than ever, the need for relevant, reliable, and real-time data to make smarter business decisions and optimize performance is essential.

Change is hard; whether in life or in business.

But one rights holder and sponsor at a time, we’ve shown how data can make us smarter, faster, and better at managing our business and budget; how technology can streamline and automate tasks that used to take hours, and why an independent and fair currency for sponsorship value needs to exist.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching our own independent brand under the new name Relo Metrics. This evolution from GumGum Sports to Relo Metrics will drive a new focus on supersizing our platform growth in key strategic areas, allowing us to shore up market share in the sponsorship industry.

“Relo” is inspired by the Spanish word “reloj” meaning “watch” and was chosen because it reflects the innovative vision, and meticulous engineering behind our real-time analytics machinery.

What’s next?

We only have 24 hours in a day. I’m convinced that in order for the sports sponsorship marketplace to continually grow, we need a platform and currency that:

  1. Provides real-time and reliable data so that business decisions can be done in hours and days, not months or years.
  2. Provides fair and equitable data to all participants to understand, value, and negotiate their investments.
  3. Streamlines and eliminates the menial and inefficient tasks so that you and your team can focus on how to add strategic value at scale.

I’m proud to be leading a technology company that is challenging the norm and that places our partners’ goals and future at the forefront of everything we do. 

It’s simple: we only grow if our partners grow. To do this we need to provide you with the solutions to grow your business at scale.

Thank you for making Relo Metrics part of your journey. Dreams can come true. Our journey is just beginning. 

All the best,

Brian Kim, CEO of Relo Metrics

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