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TikTok Valuation in Sports Sponsorships

Sponsorship Innovation, Insider   |   Apr 06, 2022   |  by Antoine Laurient


The Value of Social Videos to Sports Teams and Sponsors 

Understanding the value of social video to sports teams and sponsors is not as complicated as it may seem. Like most marketing, social video value boils down to three key areas:

  1. Reach:
    • Refers to the number of people who see the video clip. In the context of sports, this includes both fans of the team as well as general users of the social media platform where the clip is posted
  1. Engagement:
    • Is a measure of how involved viewers are with the video clip. This is quantified by metrics such as likes, comments, or shares
  1. Brand Affinity:
    • Is more difficult to quantify, but it represents the potential for the video clip to create awareness or excitement about the sponsoring brand or product

All three of these values are important for sports teams and sponsors to measure and understand how they work together. A high reach with low engagement might result in a large number of views, but those viewers might not be very interested in the content if they are not engaging. Similarly, a video with high engagement but low reach might not generate much excitement among the general public, but those who are seeing the post are highly interested.

Sports teams and sponsors have long understood the value of social video, but tracking that value has been difficult. With advances in social media analytics, it is becoming easier to track how videos are shared on certain platforms and to quantify their reach, engagement, and branding effects. This information can then be used to determine how best to use social video to reach and engage with fans.

Enter TikTok

One example of how social video is being used to promote a sports sponsorship is the popular app, TikTok. Given its large user base, TikTok has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for businesses and brands. It is also starting to be used more and more to promote sponsorships.

TikTok and Sports Sponsorships

There are a number of ways to use TikTok to promote a sports sponsorship. For example, sponsors can create short videos that feature the sponsor’s product or brand. These videos can be shared with fans on TikTok and other social media platforms. Additionally, sponsors can run ads on TikTok that feature the sponsor’s product or brand. These ads can be targeted to users who are interested in sports, which can help to increase awareness of the sponsor’s brand or product.

What about how a sponsor would leverage TikTok in a sports-oriented engagement. Would they have an athlete participate in a video or wait for an in-game clip to go viral? Would a sponsor engage the team for a planned campaign on the TikTok platform or organize an in-stadium promotion to increase TikTok engagement?

If a video from a broadcast or Over-the-Top (OTT) provider goes viral on TikTok, those impressions can be meaningful for a sponsor if their logo is prominent in the video.  Highlights of a game-winning shot or amazing catch have been shared on social media for years - they now have even more sponsorship value as they get shared over different social platforms. 

Finally, sponsors can use TikTok to interact directly with fans. For example, sponsors can answer questions about the upcoming game or match, share behind-the-scenes footage, or provide exclusive discounts on tickets or merchandise. This direct interaction can help to build a relationship between the sponsor and the fans, which can lead to increased brand loyalty.

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Key Metrics to Track

When it comes to maximizing your return on sponsorship investment through social, it is important to track a number of key metrics. TikTok is no exception and should be tracked similarly to other social promotions.

At Relo, we recommend you pay attention to the following metrics to determine the value you are getting from social on your sports sponsorships:

  • Total impressions per clip or reel 
  • Total impressions per day 
  • Shares of your posts
  • Engagements with each post

As with any sponsorship, optimizing a sponsorship campaign with TikTok or another social video platform requires in-season adjustment. And to do that, you need a tool that is able to provide you with accurate and timely data that can show you where you are not seeing the results that you desire.

Relo Metrics and TikTok

Relo Metrics shows sponsors and teams alike the metrics that help them track the KPIs above.  For example, Relo can detail the media value of a sponsor’s logo appearing in a viral TikTok video. With the continued and growing popularity of videos shared on social media, making sense of what is consumed by viewers is of paramount importance in sports sponsorships. Relo Metrics surfaces and makes sense of these insights and analytics.  

Relo Metrics tracks impressions and engagements of TikTok videos in a way that goes above and beyond native insights provided by TikTok itself. Wherein TikTok shows direct impressions and shares of a video, Relo ties those impressions and shares to the brands that appear in the videos and the viewers watching the videos.

TikTok and Sponsorship Data

Capturing the value of social video does not have to be complicated. Relo Metrics provides clear and actionable data for not just Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube but for TikTok as well. With Relo Metrics you can see the sponsor media value of your TikTok campaigns, as well as the metrics for all of your posts, and compare your TikTok performance with other teams.

To learn more about how Relo Metrics can introduce TikTok data to your sports sponsorships, contact us here.

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